Dr. Ricardo Buitago, Thoracic Surgeon

Spent an enjoyable afternoon with Dr. Miguel Ricardo Buitago, thoracic surgeon over at Hospital Simon Bolivar.  Dr. Buitago recently completed training in the United States on the DiVinci Robot, and plans to continue this training here in Bogota with Dr. DeLusky (not sure about spelling), so he can introduce Robotic thoracic surgery to Colombia.  Currently, the only DiVinci Robot in Bogota resides at Clinica Marly, where it is used for urologic and gynecologic surgeries.

Looking forward to meeting with Dr. Buitago again next week..

2 thoughts on “Dr. Ricardo Buitago, Thoracic Surgeon

  1. Apreciado Dr. Buitrago creo que es usted el mismo que trabajo para la clinica Palermo. No solo es usted un gran doctor pero tambien un excelente ser humano con los pacientes. Le deseo lo mejor. Casualmente tengo su apellido.

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