Green living in Bogota

We’ve talked a lot about how the city encourages exercise on Sundays  – by closing the streets to promote family outdoor activities – but the city has quite a few more examples of healthy living… Many of the local parks have exercise equipment donated by local health insurance companies.

people exercising in the park

Even more interesting – is some of the green architecture in the city.  Here are a few examples just from my daily walk around Carerra 11 and Carrera 15.  (I’m sure there is a lot more if I actually made an effort to look.)

Green architecture in Bogotá

If you look close at this home, you will see the walls are completely covered in greenery – and it’s not creeping vines..

on Carrera 11

Here’s another example (a delicious one – since it’s attached to a Crepes Y Waffles restaurant.)

And for the finally, the Hotel B3 Virrey on Carrera 15 #88-36, (next to a park, and the flower stalls – and just three blocks from Clinica del Country).

The Hotel B3 on Carrera 15