Cartagena on CNN

It looks like our Hidden Gem of a city is finally getting some of the attention it deserves – earlier this month, the city of Cartagena was featured as a ‘secret treasure’ on CNN Travel.    The article talks about the Caribbean flavor of this bright, diverse and colorful city and its rich history.

photo by CNN

Across ‘the pond’ in the UK – the Telegraph was also singing the praises of this tropical, elegant paradise and it’s status as a ‘cultural capital’..

Bogota’s LBGT community, tolerance and gender reassignment surgery

Here’s the link to a nice story published on Off2Colombia as part of a press release for the city of Bogotá.  It’s a nice article (and video) that shows the diversity of this beautiful city.  As someone who lived in Bogotá for several months – I have to say that everything about this story is very true – and people in Bogotá are very friendly, warm and welcoming to EVERYONE.

Just another interesting facet of this lovely, fascinating and teeming city in the Andes..