Calle de Mascotas – avenida Caracas

Just a few more weeks here in Bogotá before heading back to the United States.  My days are crammed with interviews – so I haven’t been posting as much as usual.

Right now, I am making copious notes – and taking plenty of photos so I can starting writing up several articles in the next several weeks.  Much of my  work will be published over at Colombia so I will attempt to keep from duplicating it here.  (Also – I won’t have the time..)

I’ll still try to post pictures and stories here – about Bogotá life in general, to give readers a sense of the city, and the people here since that’s something that they won’t get with my (rather) dry surgical descriptions/ evaluations.

But – I am already working on plans to return to Bogotá, (and other parts of Colombia) this spring.  Once I have some concrete plans, I’ll post them here for readers and (potential travelers..)

homeless in Bogotá

I wandered around Avenue Caracas (Carrera 14) for a bit this afternoon.  It’s not the best area because there are a lot of homeless people, and it has a reputation for quite a bit of crime (muggings and such) but I couldn’t resist walking by the “Calle de Mascotas”  or the three blocks (from Calle 53-56) on Avenue Caracas that hold about a dozen pet stores..

The man crouched down in the photo above just finished stamping out his cooking fire as I came by..

kittens in a pet shop window

It was particularly heart-wrenching for me – while I’ve been down here in Bogotá, my long-time friend and companion – my 17-year-old cat passed away.  (Don’t worry, he was surrounded by loved ones, and died in my husband’s arms).

This inquisitive little fellow here reminded me quite of a bit of my cat (though they do not look-alike.)  So it was hard to keep walking – but then next to one of the pet stores, I watched two artists create this mural..

a work in progress

Hard to believe all this detail came from spray paint (no brushes!) but it did..

working on the mural

This artist, and his assistance were really nice, and didn’t mind me taking their pictures.

I’ll post some more stories soon.. In the meantime, you can read more about my recent interview with Ilene Little here.

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