New medical tourism report

There’s a new medical tourism report written by an economist which takes issue with many of the ‘reported facts and figures’ which are bandied about by the medical tourism industry.  As we’ve discussed on previous posts – many of these numbers are fairly nebulous and impossible to verify.  (Afterall, there is no exit surveyor at airports to ask, “During your stay in Mexico, did you undergo any surgical procedures?”)

The report sounds interesting – but at a cost of 800 pounds – it’s out of reach for people like myself.  By the same token, I’d like to know by what methods Ian Youngman was able to quantify his results – since the problems of obtaining accurate numbers is fairly universal.

However, it’s an interesting glimpse into an industry that promotes a lot, but often proves little.

Update :

Another new report – this one by TreatmentAbroad which states that in a survey of their customers – 9 out of ten would do it again.  The press release describes their survey methodology and the company offers readers more information, and invites questions about the project.

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