The best thing about being an unknown writer

While the underperformance of my writing, is often daunting and disappointing – it does offer several real advantages (to both myself, and my modest audience.)

1.  The unvarnished truth –as an unknown writer, I get access to, and write about the ‘unvarnished’ truth.   Since I’m not a household name, or a bestseller – most of the people I interviewed didn’t bother to hide anything (including unsafe practices in several instances.)

Also, since I’m not Dr. Oz, or Oprah – I could go ahead and write exactly what I saw.. (Good/ bad/ ugly/ whatever.)

Afterall – there was no big publishing house to protect from legal action, and very little incentive for people to sue.

    Sure, I saw some appalling practices, and sure,  I wrote about them in full and devastating detail – giving full names, dates, locations etc but none of the affected facilities or physicians will sue..)    Why would they?  For starters – everything I wrote was the truth – and secondly (more importantly to these individuals)  – few people are buying/ reading these books – so why bring attention to it??

Of course, for the most part – I saw excellent physicians, in outstanding facilities providing patient’s with outstanding and high-quality care – but not always.  And it’s the ‘not always’ that people should be read about..  But – if I became Dr. Oz or some other big name writer – that would be the first thing that would get lost..

I wouldn’t be some nameless, faceless nurse watching from the sidelines.  People wouldn’t let me observe at will – things would be staged, and artificial – and the authenticity of my writing would be lost.. (Just like the authenticity of Joint Commission inspections that are announced a year in advance.)

So in many ways – while my lack of commercial success can be frustrating (since I rely on my own funds to travel and perform research) – it’s this very lack of success that gives me the opportunity to give readers the real information they need and want.

So thank you, for not buying my book.

2 thoughts on “The best thing about being an unknown writer

  1. your blog is awesome and inspiring. I hope to model your efforts in my future professional development. please keep up the good work and report on new areas in latin America. I’d also like to see you expand to the Caribbean. peace and blessings.


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