Goodreads Giveaway ends Sept 18th!

Just a reminder – your chance to win a free autographed copy of (the newly revised) Bogotá! a hidden gem guide to surgical tourism ends September 18th.  You can still enter here!

If you aren’t familiar with Goodreads – it’s an on-line ‘Book Club’ that allows people to share their reviews of their favorite (and not so favorite books.)  It also allows readers to catch up with and connect with their favorite authors..

One thought on “Goodreads Giveaway ends Sept 18th!

  1. This spam comment (above) is a perfect example of why potential medical tourism consumers need to be careful – and use facilities and providers that have been verified/ investigated by objective third parties.. Their entire site is smoke and mirrors, by ‘anonymous sources’ to fool and defraud patients..

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