Book Party!

Signing a book for Dr. Freddy Sanabria


Author’s Cafe,

Bogotá, Colombia

Had a wonderful event to share my book with and thank all of the people who made it possible.  (No surgeons, no book).  It was wonderful to see everyone – and I want to thank all the surgeons – who literally came straight from surgery to give their support of this project.  Some of the great friends I have made from all walks of life (outside the hospital) were also there – which means a great deal – I know that I live and breathe writing and surgery, but I also know that this is not true for most people.

That’s been the theme of all of my visits to Colombia; kindness, caring and support.  So many people; from surgeons, nurses, to taxi cab drivers and even random strangers in passing have been kind to the little (sometimes lost) American.

What’s next?

About 1/3 complete on formatting the e-version.  It’s a tedious job, but once it’s complete – it will give me the freedom to do instant book updates as needed.

Also hoping to translate the book into Spanish versions. It’s been difficult to find someone due to the technical/ medical language.

Now that the Bogotá project is essentially complete – I anticipate that this blog may change in focus – similar to Cartagena Surgery.  There will be more of a focus on medical tourism and medical news, now that interviews will be few and far between.  (Never done entirely.)


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